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The 2017/2018 Manchester United jersey will have a look full of history inspired by a previous design sported by the Red Devils. Manufactured by Adidas, and accompanied by the Chevrolet sponsor placed at the front, the 17/18 Manchester United jersey will be the first of the new jerseys to be launched, before the home and third jerseys.

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A new study shows that Manchester United is the club that most Manchester United Shirts For Sale have sold of all, ahead of the Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona, according to English Tabloid Landscape.

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Update: More information about the local Manchester United team has been leaked for the 2017-18 season. The team will be 'fashion-inspired on the terraces of the stadium', specifically targeting the scarves used by the Manchester Red team's fans. (Via @ hendofc). Take a look at all the other details of the shirt below.


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Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who suffered a ruptured cruciate ligament in his right knee last Thursday against Anderlecht in the Europa League quarter-finals, is expected to miss the field between six and nine months. Under contract until June in Manchester United, the Swedish striker will replay under the Manchester United Fc Jerseys Red Devils, he has an additional year optional? Not sure.

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Today, the contrast of the two main characters Juventus Champions League training clothes and Barcelona Champions League training clothes, they are equipped with their sponsors to carry out the training to carry the tripod, but there is a big difference. Nike used in the team 15/16 season training clothes with a strong line to attract the eye, adidas used in the team's training clothes to simple and light to get pro-Lai, the two brands are the characteristics of its Champions League training service in its Top team, how the performance of today, we are on behalf of the team, a comprehensive comparison test to uncover the answer.


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A flag, if the wind does not blow, can be a simple rag. Something similar happens with soccer jerseys. Its meaning is due to what a handful of players have gotten tucked into them or the social context in which they have appeared.

To collect some 150 of the most iconic has been dedicated British collector Neal Heard in A lover's guide to Football Kits Discount, a book that is just that, football pornography for lovers of design and history of team shirts and selections.

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